Work Behind Scenes – No Experience?

Work Behind Scenes - No Experience?

Work Behind Scenes – No Experience?

I had no experience whatsoever, but I had a strong passion to work behind the scenes doing challenging creative stuff.

After raising my family as a single parent and when my children were old enough for me to develop my career, I was too broke to pay for a university education.

I couldn’t even afford materials and equipment. I was at a loss on where to start, so first I hit the libraries and second hand book stores.

I needed materials, I went to recycling cooperatives, wholesale factory seconds sales bins and even rummaged around in the big skips behind shopping malls.

You name it, I did it, teaching myself everything from specialized props and special effects make-up to animatronics, animation, claymation, costuming, carpentry, script writing and development.

Hitting the Glass Ceiling?

After a few miserably failed interview attempts I decided I needed to either get the credentials or the experience to work behind the scenes.

Around this time my niece was boarding with me because my home was close to the University where she studied and she would bring home the Uni magazine.

In the back were listings of ‘jobs’ from various students. These types of ‘advertisements’ are also posted in the ‘student union building’ too.

Go to your local University that has a media section and offer to help them on their filming projects.

Another place to get great experience and connections are the fan clubs such as sci-fi and anime that create their own ‘in-house’ productions.

This is the beginning of your network of people. In the future they can take you with them if they succeed. It doesn’t matter what you actually do e.g. sweeping floors, gaffer, boom holder, the main thing is being in the right place at the right time.

Offering up free help gives you experience and helps you get to know some potential crew/actors for any future projects of your own.



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