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Halloween, Nightbreed, Hellraiser – Clive Barker

Halloween, Nightbreed, Hellraiser – Clive Barker

Halloween is here once again and although it is not really in the genre of film industry, it is within the realm of special effects makeup.

One of my most favourite writer and creators of horror is Clive Barker and his characters such as ‘Pinhead’ out of the Hellraiser films and ‘Shuna Sassi’  from ‘Nightbreed’.

There is not that much background information available online about these characters, especially Shuna Sassi and how they came into being.

I was introduced to these characters through fan club based people that wanted to play these characters for their Halloween parties, which lead me to do a lot of researching and finding out some obscure trivia/information about the costumes, makeup and Clive Barker himself.


Clive Barker is one...

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Special Effects Makeup – Wound Bruise Gash

Special Effects Makeup – Wound Bruise Gash

Need to do a scratch? A gash maybe? Traumatized flesh with bruises and oozing blood?

There are a few items you must have in your special effects make-up kit (my favourite brand is Kryolan) and those are:

Scratch blood – An expensive item but lasts for years, usually comes in a jar, this is an ultra sticky thick corn syrup blood that you can apply using a Popsicle stick or toothpick

Bruise wheel (a container that is sectioned up that has cream make-up colours used for bruising – blue, green, yellow, lake red, brown)

‘Lake red’, ‘white’ and ‘black’ make-up pencils

Collodion/Scarring Liquid 0.125 oz. – A liquid that shrinks the skin when it is painted on the skin in a thin line

Dermawax – Once known as morticians wax which is a skin coloured bees ...

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