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Funny Bloopers – Star Wars


Funny Bloopers – YouTube

Watching these bloopers (thanks to YouTube) often show the background set incorporates green and blue screen as mentioned in my previous blog ‘CGI-Blue vs. Green Screen‘, however, here are some funny posts to bring in your New Year with a laugh! Enjoy!

And even more funnies made from technical stuff (usual term is prop failure) backstage.

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CGI – Blue vs. Green Screen Chroma Keying

CGI – Blue vs. Green Screen

Chroma key compositing, or chroma keying, is a special effects / post-production technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together.

Almost all studios nowadays use green screens, however there was a time when blue chroma key screens were the main stay.

One of the things the general public are unaware of is whichever colour is used, has to be avoided in any of the set pieces, props and costumes/clothing of the person being filmed because the colour will pick up and show any background overlay (such as a mountain scene) – a big no-no.

Green chroma key screens became the ultimate universal ‘CGI canvas’ because with the blue chroma key there was more ‘bleeding’ around the actors and set items making the foreground images a little blurry with...

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Work Behind Scenes – No Experience?

Work Behind Scenes - No Experience?

Work Behind Scenes – No Experience?

I had no experience whatsoever, but I had a strong passion to work behind the scenes doing challenging creative stuff.

After raising my family as a single parent and when my children were old enough for me to develop my career, I was too broke to pay for a university education.

I couldn’t even afford materials and equipment. I was at a loss on where to start, so first I hit the libraries and second hand book stores.

I needed materials, I went to recycling cooperatives, wholesale factory seconds sales bins and even rummaged around in the big skips behind shopping malls.

You name it, I did it, teaching myself everything from specialized props and special effects make-up to animatronics, animation, claymation, costuming, carpentry, script writing and develo...

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Olden Day Filming – Trivia

Olden Day Filming – Trivia

For Those Who Enjoy Everything In The Film Industry

History, technical, special effects and behind the scenes.

Those of you that are from the ‘baby boomer and earlier’ eras probably already know today’s trivia. This is still an interesting comparison of the wonderful development of technologies that’s made the visual form of storytelling easier to create today.
Olden Day Filming – More Trivia

Before the digital age, after a day’s shoot, the runner had to get the days film stock to the developer and rush the developed film footage back to the director/DOP to view.

This was to check in case they needed to re-shoot or include anything else i.e...
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