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Special Effects Makeup – Wound Bruise Gash

Special Effects Makeup – Wound Bruise Gash

Need to do a scratch? A gash maybe? Traumatized flesh with bruises and oozing blood?

There are a few items you must have in your special effects make-up kit (my favourite brand is Kryolan) and those are:

Scratch blood – An expensive item but lasts for years, usually comes in a jar, this is an ultra sticky thick corn syrup blood that you can apply using a Popsicle stick or toothpick

Bruise wheel (a container that is sectioned up that has cream make-up colours used for bruising – blue, green, yellow, lake red, brown)

‘Lake red’, ‘white’ and ‘black’ make-up pencils

Collodion/Scarring Liquid 0.125 oz. – A liquid that shrinks the skin when it is painted on the skin in a thin line

Dermawax – Once known as morticians wax which is a skin coloured bees ...

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