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Various Types of Lighting Effects 1

Various Types of Lighting Effects 1

Lighting is the center point of how movies portray mood and perception.

Digital video looks different than film stock and also has different hues depending on the make or brand.

If you are wanting your digital video project to look like it is shot on film then you have to light it the same way you would when making a movie.

The look that is common in soap operas is high-key and flatly-lit and should be avoided unless it is a base aspect to the story.

Film lighting is different from video/theatrical/stage lighting although at times they do cross over.

Mood and Noir Lighting

One of the most popular techniques cinematographers use to create mood is to use a soft (diffuse) light source from the front and a strong directional light from the back, so that you...

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CGI – Blue vs. Green Screen Chroma Keying

CGI – Blue vs. Green Screen

Chroma key compositing, or chroma keying, is a special effects / post-production technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together.

Almost all studios nowadays use green screens, however there was a time when blue chroma key screens were the main stay.

One of the things the general public are unaware of is whichever colour is used, has to be avoided in any of the set pieces, props and costumes/clothing of the person being filmed because the colour will pick up and show any background overlay (such as a mountain scene) – a big no-no.

Green chroma key screens became the ultimate universal ‘CGI canvas’ because with the blue chroma key there was more ‘bleeding’ around the actors and set items making the foreground images a little blurry with...

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Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 1

Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 1

This blog is all about the’Golden Rules’ successful Film Projects.

This blog is a ‘Must Do’ of film tips ‘n’ tricks to help you along with media-making projects.
Whether they be a ‘zero dollar’ to a ‘multi-million dollar’ budget, these rules still apply.

The first thing to understand and prioritize above all else are your ‘team’.

Happiness and clear communication – golden… not money is the key.

Respectfulness and listening to everyone from the get-go meaning the pre-production stage.
Keep everyone informed at all times – When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE including the cleaner, gaffer, caterer etc.
The Reason –
You never know who knows who and who has the knowledge or extra resources you might need along the way.
Say your lighting bulbs go missin...

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