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Funny Bloopers – Star Wars


Funny Bloopers – YouTube

Watching these bloopers (thanks to YouTube) often show the background set incorporates green and blue screen as mentioned in my previous blog ‘CGI-Blue vs. Green Screen‘, however, here are some funny posts to bring in your New Year with a laugh! Enjoy!

And even more funnies made from technical stuff (usual term is prop failure) backstage.

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Film Abbreviations Arghhh!

Film Abbreviations Arghhh!

For most of you this is a very very Very boring blog!

It is about understanding the lingo when reading scripts and other parts of the tech sav stuff for the aspiring film maker, actor or other aspiring creative crew members on set.

Ever wonder what DP or Ext, and loc means? Well this listing covers some of the abbreviated language that is a good mind bending start to your introduction into understanding and deciphering what the heck you are reading when you start your studies.

The following samples have been supplied compliments of the ‘IEC’ – Online Encyclopedia Of Cinematographers  and I will only present you with ‘A-D’ otherwise this blog will take you until next year to read.

In the meantime, here is something else to entertain the rest of you:

‘The Cine...

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Olden Day Filming – Trivia

Olden Day Filming – Trivia

For Those Who Enjoy Everything In The Film Industry

History, technical, special effects and behind the scenes.

Those of you that are from the ‘baby boomer and earlier’ eras probably already know today’s trivia. This is still an interesting comparison of the wonderful development of technologies that’s made the visual form of storytelling easier to create today.
Olden Day Filming – More Trivia

Before the digital age, after a day’s shoot, the runner had to get the days film stock to the developer and rush the developed film footage back to the director/DOP to view.

This was to check in case they needed to re-shoot or include anything else i.e...
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