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Funny Bloopers – Star Wars


Funny Bloopers – YouTube

Watching these bloopers (thanks to YouTube) often show the background set incorporates green and blue screen as mentioned in my previous blog ‘CGI-Blue vs. Green Screen‘, however, here are some funny posts to bring in your New Year with a laugh! Enjoy!

And even more funnies made from technical stuff (usual term is prop failure) backstage.

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Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 1

Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 1

This blog is all about the’Golden Rules’ successful Film Projects.

This blog is a ‘Must Do’ of film tips ‘n’ tricks to help you along with media-making projects.
Whether they be a ‘zero dollar’ to a ‘multi-million dollar’ budget, these rules still apply.

The first thing to understand and prioritize above all else are your ‘team’.

Happiness and clear communication – golden… not money is the key.

Respectfulness and listening to everyone from the get-go meaning the pre-production stage.
Keep everyone informed at all times – When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE including the cleaner, gaffer, caterer etc.
The Reason –
You never know who knows who and who has the knowledge or extra resources you might need along the way.
Say your lighting bulbs go missin...

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Old fashioned makeup Trivia/Tricks

Old fashioned makeup Trivia/Tricks

Remember the time when most movies were black and white?

Here’s some old fashioned makeup, trivia and tricks!

For example the 1960’s Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh amongst other great actors of the time.

One of the most memorable scenes was the stabbing in the shower and to this day people use the sound effect to describe a vicious scary attack.

During the filming of that scene the ‘FX’ crew were using different types of ‘blood’ unsuccessfully before they found the right ‘flow’ effect as it was washing down the drain hole.

Finally they discovered that ‘Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup’ gave the perfect seeping, stickiness and blending with the water and because the film was ‘black and white’, hid that the blood was not red.

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Olden Day Filming – Trivia

Olden Day Filming – Trivia

For Those Who Enjoy Everything In The Film Industry

History, technical, special effects and behind the scenes.

Those of you that are from the ‘baby boomer and earlier’ eras probably already know today’s trivia. This is still an interesting comparison of the wonderful development of technologies that’s made the visual form of storytelling easier to create today.
Olden Day Filming – More Trivia

Before the digital age, after a day’s shoot, the runner had to get the days film stock to the developer and rush the developed film footage back to the director/DOP to view.

This was to check in case they needed to re-shoot or include anything else i.e...
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