Special Effects Makeup – Wound Bruise Gash

Special Effects Makeup – Wound Bruise Gash

Need to do a scratch? A gash maybe? Traumatized flesh with bruises and oozing blood?

There are a few items you must have in your special effects make-up kit (my favourite brand is Kryolan) and those are:

Scratch blood – An expensive item but lasts for years, usually comes in a jar, this is an ultra sticky thick corn syrup blood that you can apply using a Popsicle stick or toothpick

Bruise wheel (a container that is sectioned up that has cream make-up colours used for bruising – blue, green, yellow, lake red, brown)

‘Lake red’, ‘white’ and ‘black’ make-up pencils

Collodion/Scarring Liquid 0.125 oz. – A liquid that shrinks the skin when it is painted on the skin in a thin line

Dermawax – Once known as morticians wax which is a skin coloured bees wax that can be moulded into open gashes, pimples, bigger noses and warts etc.

Stipple sponge – for application of whiskers or grazes etc. by lightly coating the sponge with black or brown cream makeup and dabbing around the chin area. Same method with scratch blood to create grazes

Liquid latex – You can purchase thick or thin and depending on what your project is for, such as coating a hand moulded prosthetic appliance so that you can re-use it a few times if peeled off carefully after each take. The thick liquid latex is often used in creating masks, and thicker moulds.

Talcum powder – Use this to fluff onto latex to stop it from being sticky

Cotton wool balls, tissues and cigarette filters  –  other than for cleaning, can be used to create bone pieces and clotted texture blood

Gum Arabic, prosthetic appliance glue and Vaseline – good for protecting your actors hairy parts!

Brushes and various makeup applicators and pottery spatulas – for makeup application of course!

Baby wipes – always come in handy to clean skin, spills, and prosthetic creations

Hair blow dryer – Something I classify as a must have in your kit – to speed dry latex coats and plenty of other uses

In my next blog I will be writing about certain simple techniques and short cuts, tips and tricks using your special effects makeup kit.


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