Olden Day Filming – Trivia

Olden Day Filming – Trivia

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History, technical, special effects and behind the scenes.

Those of you that are from the ‘baby boomer and earlier’ eras probably already know today’s trivia. This is still an interesting comparison of the wonderful development of technologies that’s made the visual form of storytelling easier to create today.
Olden Day Filming – More Trivia

Before the digital age, after a day’s shoot, the runner had to get the days film stock to the developer and rush the developed film footage back to the director/DOP to view.

This was to check in case they needed to re-shoot or include anything else i.e. bumping out (pull apart/closing) the set, changing costumes or dismissing the actors and crews for that scene.
Post Mortem of The Days Shots

The Director of Photography, Director (and other key crew members such as the Continuity person) got together at the end of the day in a small theatre to view the days footage.

This is marked out by the scene logger who clutches a clip board with a logging form (more about scene loggers another time).

This was (and still is) called a ‘post-mortem’ of the days shots.
Nowadays things are so much easier for the runner due to a secondary digital camera set up strategically with the master camera so that each scene can be viewed on the fly.

The Director may make changes or do extra filming where necessary.


Some of the discrepancies that are looked for – continuity, lighting differences, bridging shots to link scenes smoothly.

Even the microphone boom can be in the shot (yes, it still happens) just to name a few.

Well, now that my first blog is in the can, keep checking in soon for some more tidbits and a few occasional ‘freebies’ that are useful.

Olden Day Filming - Trivia

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