Old fashioned makeup Trivia/Tricks

Old fashioned makeup Trivia/Tricks

Remember the time when most movies were black and white?

Here’s some old fashioned makeup, trivia and tricks!

For example the 1960’s Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh amongst other great actors of the time.

One of the most memorable scenes was the stabbing in the shower and to this day people use the sound effect to describe a vicious scary attack.

During the filming of that scene the ‘FX’ crew were using different types of ‘blood’ unsuccessfully before they found the right ‘flow’ effect as it was washing down the drain hole.

Finally they discovered that ‘Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup’ gave the perfect seeping, stickiness and blending with the water and because the film was ‘black and white’, hid that the blood was not red.

Hair receding and balding trick

Can’t get hold of a balding cap or just need to ‘age’ someone with a receding hairline? Well here is the old fashioned way!

All you need is some extra time for preparation, some glycerin soup (see through), non oily skin colour make-up (that matches your actor), a bowl, ‘hair bleaching’ paint brush, a knife to cut up your soap and some warm water.

Chop up the soap, putting it in the bowl and cover the soap pieces with some of the warm water.

Leave it to rest a few hours until the soap dissolves into the water which makes a slimy gelatinous goop. At this stage you can mix in some of the skin coloured makeup cream leaving some to paint on after applying it to your victim – umm I mean actor.

Sit your actor in a comfortable seat and put some kind of protective sheeting down as this can be a little time consuming and messy.

For long haired actors you can hide the excess hair by combing it flat against their neckline and wrapping some plastic film around the base of their neck and/or tucking it down the back of their outfit (if you are not going to film the back of their necks).

To start, (for complete baldness effect), separate the hair in layers starting at the back of their head and catching up the rest into a clip or band much the same as if you were dying it.

Each layer, start at the scalp using coat the hair bleaching brush (or equivalent) liberally coated with the soap gloop and painting it down flat against the scalp. Repeat the process with each layer until you have pasted all the hair flat.

You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. Once the hair is dry, (using a makeup) sponge on the makeup cream making sure that you leave a ‘glossy finish’ rather than matte.

For a receding hair line, pull back the hair and make an outline where you want the hairline to be with an eye liner pencil, use a smaller/finer brush and start layering approximately one centimeter inside the outline at the farthest  points (e.g. level to above the ears).

Do the same layering but when done, use a eyeliner pencil (black, brown, grey) and draw fake hairs to naturally blend it into the new hairline.

Black and White Films Depend on Lighting, Shadows & Contrast

……….B&W Lighting, Shadows & Contrast……….

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