Horror Fun Makeup – Liquid Latex vs. Silicone

Horror fun makeup is just a little break from all the boring stuff I might be posting in the future!

The Wonders of Liquid Latex and Silicone Rubber

There are two types of liquid latex: Thick – Often used for the more solid negative castings e.g. for soap, severed arms and fingers etc.

The silicone rubber needs a catalyst mixed in to set and contains no ammonia, whereas the other type of rubber latex sets by heat (warm day or hair dryer).

*Liquid latex is perfect for creating special effects like scars, fake skin, wrinkles or can even be used as an adhesive.  Usually the bottle sizes available are 30 ml, 133 ml and 270 ml and can be bought online from Amazon or fancy dress outlets.

*Note:  always test this product first to ensure there is no allergy to latex. *Always do two to 4 coats to the skin when directly applying it.

To change the colour of your latex,  mix in food colour gel and liquid latex in a plastic container using mixing sticks or bamboo skewers / pop sticks , then you can use cotton swabs to apply colour.
It’s better to use food colour gel because it’s easier to get off the skin and when it dries, it has transparency and it’s more controllable unlike powdered food colouring which can give a dull and bubbled look to your creation.


Liquid latex dries darker. so when you mix in your colouring, it should be about ten shades lighter than what you are looking for and please note that the base colour of what you’re painting will contribute to your final product.


I suggest to test run all your colorizing before applying it to your project.


Here Is a fantastic link that gives you heaps of information!





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