Halloween, Nightbreed, Hellraiser – Clive Barker

Halloween, Nightbreed, Hellraiser – Clive Barker

Halloween is here once again and although it is not really in the genre of film industry, it is within the realm of special effects makeup.

One of my most favourite writer and creators of horror is Clive Barker and his characters such as ‘Pinhead’ out of the Hellraiser films and ‘Shuna Sassi’  from ‘Nightbreed’.

There is not that much background information available online about these characters, especially Shuna Sassi and how they came into being.

I was introduced to these characters through fan club based people that wanted to play these characters for their Halloween parties, which lead me to do a lot of researching and finding out some obscure trivia/information about the costumes, makeup and Clive Barker himself.


Clive Barker is one of the most intriguing authors ever

Let’s start with Clive Barker

In his own right, Clive Barker is one of the most intriguing personalities I have ever researched.

I have read many of his books and still find his style and literary genres unusual and fascinating. It’s almost like an addiction trying to work this guy out through his creative thought processes!

During my research, I came across a snippet of information that mentioned one of Clive’s favourite pastime was to listen to the ambulance call outs to accidents to which he would grab up a little tripod seat and zoom off to the event and sit and watch while medics etc. were doing their jobs.

I cannot qualify this as being a fact, but it is intriguing and makes me wonder what Clive Barker is really like character-wise. One thing for sure is that Clive Barker is an exceptionally talented writer.

Lead Cenobite Demon

Pinhead’s makeup took many hours to apply

 Infamous Pinhead – Hellraiser

Hellraiser was made for under $1 million, but wound up becoming one of the most significant horror movies of all time.

This actor’s outfit was top to toe black leather and extremely tight.

So tight in fact that he had to be sewn into the garment for each scene.

Pinhead’s makeup took a couple of hours to apply so he had to arrive earlier than most actors (other than ‘Chatterer’).

Chatterer - Cenobite Demon- Hellraiser

Chatterer – Cenobite Demon- Hellraiser


Porcupine Woman

Porcupine Woman

Shuna Sassi – Porcupine Woman, Nightbreed

You don’t see Shuna Sassi much in the movie, but her character plays an important role throughout the rest of the comic and books as the story unfolds.

How Shuna became a porcupine woman has a fascinating back story that is not easily found, so I will tell you here.

Shuna lived and worked in the attic of an old bordello in France, and she had a special skill in helping men (and some women) experiencing their fantasy of passing away while in orgasmic throws during making love. Shuna Sassi was an expert in dispatching these individuals.

The costume Shuna Sassi wore was made up of plastic quills covering most of her body. The outfit was so heavy that the actor kept losing weight and during the filming, the costumers had to downsize it to fit several times.


Well, Have a great Halloween and Day of the Dead folks!

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