Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 2

Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 2

I left off on the last posting on the subject of catering.
Always feed people and observe peoples special dietary needs making sure there is a list with your caterer. (This is where your ‘zero budget’ becomes a non zero budget).

The Reason –
You want to keep your team happy and staying put, not wandering off to buy food and possibly not coming back or even drinking alcohol (a big no-no) and coming back late and loaded! Of course this will delay your shoot and everyone left waiting for those individuals.

Time is money. A well-fed crew is a happy crew and if your people are not being paid, then at the very least you must feed them!

Always have plenty of meetings and ask your crew for input and suggestions – truly listen.
The Reason –
The sign of a good director / producer isn’t knowledge and experience as most presume, it’s because they know how to allocate responsibilities and jobs. Even if you have to play ‘dumb’ to get the best out of your workers, crews and actors.

A good production doesn’t have to have a high budget to be great, but it does have to have a soul.
The Reason –
This comes from your actors and crew and how much they feel they have a personal and vested interest (ownership) in the projects outcome. Let others have some real input and properly accredit those individuals during and afterwards.

For example – Just think of how successful the low budget film (becoming a franchise) ‘Alien’ has become.alien-movie-neill-blomkamp

One final thing before I forget…

Always add an extra hour on each days scheduled shoot list.
The Reason –
This allows for any possible delays on the day, but more so, if you finish ‘on time’, your crew and actors will be very happy thinking they have got the film in the can an hour early and can go home (or on time if there’s real delays).

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