Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 1

Golden Rules – Successful Film Projects 1

This blog is all about the’Golden Rules’ successful Film Projects.

This blog is a ‘Must Do’ of film tips ‘n’ tricks to help you along with media-making projects.
Whether they be a ‘zero dollar’ to a ‘multi-million dollar’ budget, these rules still apply.

The first thing to understand and prioritize above all else are your ‘team’.

Happiness and clear communication – golden… not money is the key.

Respectfulness and listening to everyone from the get-go meaning the pre-production stage.
Keep everyone informed at all times – When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE including the cleaner, gaffer, caterer etc.
The Reason –
You never know who knows who and who has the knowledge or extra resources you might need along the way.
Say your lighting bulbs go missing or your lighting guy calls in sick for your scheduled night shoot, your gaffer might have the spare bulbs or has the experience to step into the role of lighting for the night. Therefore you don’t have to cancel or send everyone home. Your team too, have lives.

You know the saying ‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’? Well I have seen many a project stall and almost die because one member can cause animosity or trouble within the troupe, and if you don’t have the guts to replace them, then your whole project can be in trouble.
The Reason –
Even if it’s a quality Director, no matter what their key role is, if they treat others in a negative fashion or make the atmosphere unbearable, you will lose people or worse, delays will happen regularly which ultimately blows out your budget – Time is money.
Even a ‘zero dollar budget’ has to have a budget you will find unless you have some really ‘good will’ pals.

Always Have plenty of ‘eats’ and ‘drinks’ for your team on site. Bowls of lollies/candy, crisps/chips and sodas, tea, coffee and water available throughout the day to keep your crew refreshed.

Food Caterers are a Must! Loving Our Work!

Best thing to do – Feed Your Crew!

To be continued…

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