Gaffer Tape and Costumes

Gaffer Tape and Costumes

Gaffer has been the actors and crews best friend for a long time.

Gaffer tape is a strong glue coated waterproof woven tape that is usually black in colour that you don’t need scissors to use, you just tear it along the cross weave.

You often see crew wearing a utility belt of some kind with a few roles of black gaffer tape hanging off somewhere or another.

It is widely used in theatre, photography, film and television production, and industrial staging work.

Flowing Dress

Gaffer used to anchor the flowing dress

The amount of times I have seen gaffer used to repair, tighten, fix to increase, pull in and keep outfits and costumes on the actors I have lost count!
On one occasion the singer (in a music video) had a dress that had a huge long train and with her facing into a fan, it had to flow and ripple like water on the ground. She had so much gaffer tape sticking her dress to the spot that she had to lean forward using all her strength struggling not to be pulled backwards off her feet.
Holding up stockings
As a temporary belt
A broken watch strap
An emergency bow tie (for theatre)
Covering Taps on tap shoes (when needing muffling)
Removing animal hair from clothes
Fixing shoes with a hole in

Other uses for Gaffer Tape

Demarcation points on the floor for actors.
Taping down cords and other items in traffic areas to secure them.
Hiding curtain and other cloth openings.
Blacking out windows and glass doors to block out light.
Temporarily Repairing anything from tripods, rips, holes, hair pieces, to pinning down items (props) on a windy day.
Preventing steel rope from fraying (stick some gaffer over where you are cutting the cable, cut in the middle of the gaffer, protecting and binding from fraying).

Gaffing Tape Anyone?

Gaffing Tape Anyone?

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